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Production of gravimetric feeders, vibrating channels, belts, twin screw, gravimetric and single-screw feeders


Vacuum pumps

Designing dry running rotary vane pressure-vacuum pumps


Powder conveyors

Installation of conveyor systems and pneumatic handling for powders, granules and mixtures



Construction and installation of industrial feeding, loading and unloading hoppers in stainless steel


Metal separators

Precise systems for the separation of metals by means of industrial magnetic separators



Sale of single spring screws, concave profile twin-screws and single or double spiral screws

Welcome to Itisystem
35 years of industry experience

Itisystem manufactures cutting edge feeding plants and systems destined for industrial use, to provide maximum precision services. Our experience, established over 20 years of work in the sector, has helped to make our company a reliable reference point, able to satisfy manufacturers ever increasing requirements in relation to precise and constant feeding. Engineers have developed a sophisticated and reliable feeder system: from micro-feeding to the feeding of large quantities. Today, the company operates on the world market, not only for the manufacture of feeding machines, but above all for plastic material systems, complete from the design to production. For all of the companies that require high-quality feeding systems, our company offers impeccable lines and systems, which each follow the stages of design, manufacture and implementation. Our company's strengths are innovation and expertise, which respond to the most demanding quality requirements.

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