Single screw feeders with bridge breaker sales

Manufacture of systems with feeders with bridge breaker

single screw feeders

Designed to feed various types of granular and powdery substances, in various rolling, pasty, compact, dry and moist formats, in low, medium and high flow range, single screw feeders with bridge breaker have a modular construction and various screw pumps that can be adapted to different applications. The modular construction of the single screw feeders with bridge breaker allows for quick and effective cleaning, while the wide range of different screw pumps profiles guarantees a perfect fit or any application.
The feeders with bridge breaker, placed inside the tank, maintain the mobility of the product and ensures smooth feeding of the screw pump. There is no risk of forming a vacuum, thanks to the space between the arm of the bridge breaker and the screw pumps reduced to a minimum.

Designed and built to last, the single screw feeders with bridge breaker do not require any maintenance. Screw pumps, hoppers, and all of the materials that are in contact with the product to be fed are made in stainless steel AISI 304 (or, on request, in stainless steel AISI 316), all carefully mirror-polished to allow for greater flow of the product itself.

The screw gaskets, in contact with the product, are manufactured in Teflon. Furthermore, agitators, pneumatic vibrators and fluidisers can be attached to encourage the flowing action of the product. 
The wide range of screws available and different engines, for modulating the flow rates depending on the various requirements.
Stirrers for hoppers, pneumatic vibrators and fluidisers to ensuring the flowing action of the product are also available.

From volumetric to gravimetric feeding

Single and twin screw feeders can be equipped with a load cell scale and a micro-processor regulator panel produced by our company, for gravimetric weight feeding. Furthermore, according to our customers' requirements, we can manufacture continuous or batch gravimetric feeders, thanks to the union of a load cell scale and a microprocessor regulator panel produced by our company.

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