Gravimetric feeders

Gravimetric feeding systems

gravimetric feeders

For all processes that require impeccable feeding and high-quality products, gravimetric feeding systems are the ideal solution. At Itisystem, we are famous for our ability to design sophisticated feeders for continuous gravimetric operations, with micro-feeding and large quantity feeding. Thanks to technologically advanced monitoring mechanisms, production is optimised and products are evenly distributed, without any wastage or lost time.

Itisystems' gravimetric feeders are perfect for the plastics, metal, food and pharmaceutical industries. In fact, our company boasts specific knowledge in the design of sophisticated integrated gravimetric feeding systems.
The gravimetric feeding systems are employed in all processes where a precise and constant supply of the processing plant is required, to obtain high quality products.
The systems are used in various fields of application, each with its specific problems, and in particular: the plastics, metals, food and pharmaceutical industries, just to name a few.

Process automation and regulation

Automation applied to these feeding systems allows products to be mixed with regulated extraction. By using the video screen, it is possible to change a formula and modify its parameters. 
Furthermore, the system's productivity is constantly monitored and any eventual events and alarms are printed out. 

gravimetric feeders

System start-up

To initiate the processing settings, retrieve the parameters of a stored formula and configure a new production cycle, the system has automatic start, immediate start and manual start options.

Modify regulations

It is possible to modify the feeder values relative to the variability, that is the tension, not specified in the formulas, using the regulation page.


The system operates independently when changing the material in the hopper.

Modifications during operation

Overall flow parameters and flow percentages of single components can be changed from the regulation page.
The parameters of the programme can be changed when the feeder is in operation. Using the manual system, the operator can start, stop and change variables for regulation and the opening of valves with button. Furthermore, changes can be made to the settings, to the time and date, to parameters for interpreting production, to filtration and system configuration.

Stop command

The operator managing the monitoring page can stop the system through a "stop process or temporary stop command." In the event of an alarm, a blocked valve or a shortage of material in the hopper, the auto-release command will be activated in a "temporary stop" mode.

Production summary

Each operating cycle is accompanied by a summary of tests in a normal regime, in transitory stages and on waste percentages.

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