Powder feeding machines

Gravimetric feeding machines for powders

Automatically feeding a powder or granule product brings advantages in terms of feeding precision and productivity optimisation, thanks to the use of an electronic weighing systems. At Itisystem, we have developed a series of volumetric, single and twin screw high precision powder feeding machines, both continuous and discontinuous with low, medium and high flow for the feeding of powders and granules in various natures and flows, wet or dry. The modular design allows for quick and easy cleaning, while a wide array of screws with various profiles guarantee perfect adaptability to any application. The bridge breaker placed inside the tank maintains the mobility of the product and ensures smooth feeding of the screw feeder; the space between the latter and the arm of the bridge breaker has been reduced to a minimum to avoid any vacuum forming.

In the case of twin screw gravimetric feeders for powders, the screw pumps, being fitted together, are self-cleaning so as to avoid incrustations and to allow the tank to be emptied, considerably reducing the exchange time of the product and minimising the residual losses.

The containment hoppers to be attached to the feeder are made with inclined walls in order to facilitate the movement of the product, so that it slides smoothly toward the feeder, thus improving performance. In the interest of the latter, to improve the performance we also have agitators, pneumatic vibrators and fluidises available. By combining a feeder of both types with a load cell scale and with a microprocessor-based regulator, it is possible to obtain a continuous or a batch-fed gravimetric feeder.

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