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Among the innovative equipment proposed by our company Itisystems, there are new autonomous and complete powder conveyors. Our company, an industry leader in the handling, weighing, mixing and feeding of powders and granules, introduces the ITIVACUUM® series, a new range of powder conveyors.

ITIVACUUM is a device for the autonomous and complete handling of powders, to be applied directly on the point of use. The suction mechanism is powered by a pneumatic vacuum pump, which creates a depression (8000 mm H²O max) inside the container on which it is mounted, closing the special large diameter discharge valve. The material enters the container via the tube (adjustable by means of working timer). Thanks to the transporting tube, the material enters the container, and once filled, the pump stops. The weight of the material triggers the opening of the exhaust valve. The cycle can therefore start again. The suction unit is actuated by a pneumatic vacuum pump that creates a depression inside the container. Once the container has been filled, the pump stops: the weight of the material itself opens the discharge valve and the container is emptied. Once the container is empty the valve closes and the cycle restarts. This cycle can optionally be delayed by the pause timer.

This powder conveyor model offers various advantages, including:
compact design with high yield, transportable by hand;
flameproof: as it is fully pneumatic;
easy cleaning: washable with water as there is no electrical equipment;
easy installation: just connect the unit to the compressed air at 5 atm;
maintenance: quick release of the pieces; 
transportation speed regulation: by giving more or less compressed air makes the transport slower or faster; 
environmental cleanup: the equipment seals the powder, producing clean transport; 
continuous transport: applying a DS 25 or DS 8 series feeder you can achieve continuous conveying and feeding, as required; 
durable materials – fittings are in stainless steel AISI 304, and on request in stainless steel AISI 316 or carbon steel.


PX 500 P 180 l/m 8000 23 500 160  
PX 1000 P 280 l/m 8000 28 1000 160  
PX 1500 P 500 l/m 8000 31 1500 160  
PX 2000 P 750 l/m 8000 34 2000 190  
PX 2500 P 900 l/m 8000 43 2500 190  
PX 2600 P 900 l/m 8000 48 2600 250  
PX 3000 P 1800 l/m 8000 60 3000 250  

The described data is not binding.
The flow rates may vary according to the instance and the flow index of the materials.

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